Danica’s Story – klikni

From secretary to the Director of sales and purchases. From the first gaming TV show to the GM of the first gaming television. From gaming peripherals fan and PM to IT Awarded Most successful woman in IT industry in Serbia.

From blogger and columnist (This Mom is gamer) trying to demystify gaming to the Founder of GMom and first gaming sections in elementary schools. From the distribution over retail to the diploma at the age of 50 for Online PR and community manager.

What her role involves

When it comes to CD Media SA, this year we are trying to start a new way of business of this company in Serbia, and switch from sub distributors to direct business with the retailer. This is a challenge because CD Media is the first company that implements this form of doing business in Serbia, but some have already begun to take our experiences. As the only representative in Serbia I’m here 24/7 for all customers. From sales, plans, marketing support to constant adaptation to market. Every D1 for some title is like a party for me.

Thru my own company I am helping some distributors to choose the right brands and models for gaming peripherals and do the right segmentation on the market. Also, even sometimes is hard, I am trying to find some new ways of promotions on market, which is maybe best shown thru doing PR and social media for Trust gaming in Serbia. And finally, my main private goal is to incorporate everything that I do now in the right way and help establishing gaming sections in elementary schools.

Her advice to the gaming community

Gaming or some other community, life or work, at the end it comes to the same:

Life is not always fair. To some success comes easy others spend most of their life struggling to achieve success. There are moments when given up and finishing the fight because you are not properly rewarded, understood or do not have the strength to go against the majority. If you are sure of what you want, the way you do and you have a vision of what you want – be persistent! It shapes you as a person. It is your decision to stay consistent or customized. I always choose fair and square because it always eventually produce good results and rewards, although they may need to wait longer. It’s always you who is the winner, because you work on it and its improvements.

If it doesn’t make you happy – don’t do it. Whether it’s a job, relationship, friends or you, don’t fit on this to stay in a comfort zone. Even when things didn’t work out as you’d hoped, you always learn something from the experience.

Always work on yourself and learn. Nowadays, when everything is so quickly changing and improving, still can appear someone who knows more than you.

Learn from your mistakes and ask. To make mistake is human. It’s bad when the mistake does not teach, and when the same is repeating. This means that you do not care and don’t want to learn. And I personally dread of people who do not want to admit they don’t know something, and it’s beneath their dignity to ask. There are no stupid questions! If you want to do a good job, ask those who currently know more than you.

Not everything can be charged. I always get goose bumps when someone asks how profitable is gaming. Sometimes you volunteer in order to gain practice and learn from experts in their professions. Today it is a shame to do something because you like it. My advice is to always do what you love if you think that you will one day succeed and be rewarded for it. Show what you know and the reward will come. People, even those who sell cheese at the market, first let you try if they are sure of the quality of product. Give to get.

There’s always back out. Defeat, loss, disappointment, no will-don’t give up! It is not easy, it take time but will come to the moment when it’s past and memories. These moments help and direct you to something much better and more successful. Sounds like a stereotype but I personally went through such moments the last few years and now I appreciate some people who forced me to be where I am. It hurts and I did not know how to go on. Many successful people have continued to fall before they achieved success. Why should you be any different?

Love what you do!